Setting Up an Augmented Math Center ....

Setting Up an Augmented Math Center ....

There are many ways to set up an augmented math center.  What I would do no matter which augmented tool you use is to make sure you have a logo of the app needed with the augmented content.  I would also allow what I like to call sandbox time a.k.a. play time with any new app you are introducing.  Kids have this great ability to figure out how an app works.  If there is any code that needs to be entered to access the augmented content I would show kids the steps then have a easy to follow step-by-step guide in the center, just in case they should forget.  For younger students I would have enter the code already for them, but you will be surprise even the youngest learner I've worked with have figured out how to enter codes.

For the June 9th #AR4Learning GHO/Twitter chat I presented a math problem. 
Which has a greater area; a square or 2 equilateral triangles with sides same as the square?
If I was setting up a math center and the above math problem was the problem I wanted my students to work out independently.  I would place the attached card in the center along with an iPad, different size shapes, a white board, a geoboard, and any other tool I thought might help them solve the problem.  This also can be added to an augmented interactive notebook.  Don't forget to have students explain the "WHY" they think the way the do about their answer.

Keep in mind I am wanting my students to be independent learners. For the augmented content of this card I made it as a tool that will help my students define the key words in the problem and an online tool to help them solve the problem.  Take it for a spin and try it out for yourself.  Don't forget to enter the code with in the Blippar app.

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