iMake-KS - An Innovative EdTech Conference ....

iMake-KS - An Innovative EdTech Conference ....

Several members of my Professional Learning Network (PLN) have noticed that I have not been as active in participating in Twitter Chats, Blog Posting, or Presenting at Conferences. This past year I decided to focus on obtaining a doctorate in education. I have focused on becoming a Teacher Leader in Digital Transformation (a.k.a. Edtech).  For my doctorate, I can either choose to do a research project or creating something. I have decided to create an Innovative Edtech Conference for my Capstone project. With the help of my PLN iMake-KS is going from a wish to a dream and into reality.

The Plan:
iMake-KS will be a two-day conference that will be held in the fall of 2019. Date and venue yet to be determined. The conference will have both in-person components as well as virtual components. I will be seeking out educators and students to share their innovative ideas, lessons, projects, etc...

Keep in mind iMake-KS is still in the development phase. If you would like to be apart of my Dream Team and help iMake-KS a reality please send me a direct message via Twitter. @katieann_76.

In-Person Components:

  • Sandbox/Play Areas - Hands-on, Experimenting, Exploring, Discovering, Making
  • Student Demonstrations
  • Student Presentations
  • Hands-On Workshops
  • Presentations
  • Demonstrations 
  • App Smashing
  • App Slams
  • Ignite Sessions
  • Reflection Areas
  • Global Project Areas

Online Components:
  • Help Sections
  • Recorded Presentations
  • Recorded Demonstrations
  • Online Challenges - Example: Digital Breakouts
  • Stream Presentations, Demonstrations, Sandbox
  • Connection Section
  • Global Projects Planning Section
  • Conference App

To stay up to date the with iMake-KS please follow the hashtag #iMakeKS. 

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