Making an Ice Mummy ....

Making an Ice Mummy ....

Most days I joke around about having the pleasure of teaching 6th grade Social Studies since I am really a Technology Teacher.  What I really teach is skills and try to create memories along the way.  All week we have been doing research on Otzi the famous Iceman.  My students had to do a quick background research to find out what is Otzi and why is he called the Iceman.  The students were given the following information and had to pick out context clues to help them guide their background research.

You are to write a story about the life of Otzi the Iceman. You need to include how he lived, what kind of job he might have had, if you had a family, and why he was on the mountain. Don't forget to include how you think he died.
We will be using Toontastic or Sock Puppets apps on the iPad to create your story. 
 Once they figured out what he was we got together as a group and planned out a Science experiment to try to recreate this effect.  We talked about the items needed to make a mummy such as no light and no air.  We even talked about how people in Ancient Egypt made their mummies.

Students worked in small groups to collaborate the materials needed and their procedure.  My students were having trouble getting past that they needed a person like material to try to make into a mummy.  I of course being the prepared teacher had already had the experiment we needed to do.  After we discussed why their materials and procedure wouldn't work we got busy working on the experiment I already had ready for them.

Students got busy recording material needed and the procedure they were to follow.  They had to decided in their small groups who was responsible for which materials.  Knowing kids and their forgetfulness I made sure I had extra materials just in case.


  • 4 - Hotdogs
  • 4 - Containers with Lids
  • 4 - Pieces of Paper
  • Tape
  • Baking Soda
  • Kitchen Scale


  • Place hotdogs #1 & #2 in a container and place the lid on them.
  • Place hotdogs #3 & #4 in a container and make sure they are covered with baking soda and place the lid on them.
  • Tape a piece of paper onto each lid and tape it into place.
  • Record each members name at the top of each paper.
  • Record on #1 Hotdog in the dark.
  • Record on #2 Hotdog in the freezer.
  • Record on #3 Hotdog with baking soda in the dark.
  • Record on #4 Hotdog with baking soda in the freezer.
  • Weigh each container on a kitchen scale and record its weight at the bottom of the piece of paper.

  • Place #1 Hotdog & #3 Hotdog place them in a dark place for 14 days.
  • Place #2 Hotdog & #4 Hotdog place them in the freezer for 14 days.

In 14 days we will know if we have mummies.  While we wait you know I just have to include a techie project to go along with our mummies.

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