App / Tool of the Week - Toontastic ....

App / Tool of the Week - Toontastic ....

To kick of the letter of the week for Pratt's Tiny Tadpoles I created this cute little story via Toontastic.  The app lets students create animated cartoons.  They learn about the setting, characters, climax, conflict, and resolution.  What I like is they also learn about mood by picking out pre-recorded music clips, which helps set the mood of the story.  What I love the most about this app is that it records in your child's voice.

I will also be offering this app as one of the tools this week for my 6th grade social studies students as they have to tell the story of the Iceman in their own words.

Toontastic has a safe place called Toontastic ToonTube where you can upload and share your digital stories.

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