App / Tool of the Week - Spacecraft 3D by NASA

App / Tool of the Week - Spacecraft 3D by NASA

Explore space with NASA's Spacecraft 3D app.  It is an augmented reality app (a.k.a AR app) that lets students learn about a variety of spacecraft that are used to explore and study our solar system, the Earth, and even the universe. With a printed AR Target it looks like a pile of rocks and the camera on your iPad, tablet or smartphone your students can get up close with the amazing spacecraft.  Students can see how the spacecrafts move and learn about the engineering feats.

The App - Spacecraft 3D by NASA

Once you have the app you will need to print the Target Image.  Place the Target Image on a flat surface and choose your spacecraft.  Then point your mobile device at the Target Image.  Once the spacecraft appears on your mobile device you can move around the Target Image exploring and learning about the spacecraft.

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