Twas Night Before the 1st Day of School ....

Twas Night Before the 1st Day of School ....

Twas the night before the 1st day of school a buzz was of excitement was in the air.  All of the children quickly ate their dinner and took their baths before heading to their rooms to take their evening nap.  The oldest of the Wilson kids had already completed his summer homework assignment and was eager to turn it in.  His dreams all summer long were filled with the Lords of the Flies and vocabulary words he wasn't sure if he would ever use again. The middle Wilson child, who had plenty of 1st days of school, had planned on sleeping in his new outfit so he could have an extra 30 minutes sleep when morning comes.

The youngest of the 3 Wilson children was the most excited of them all, it just happened to be her second time for her 1st day of school.  Her smile and joy silently fell when she was told that tomorrow wasn't going to be her 1st day of school after all.  That she had to wait a whole 5 days before she would have her 1st day of school.  She slowly started to smile again as she thought about her 1st day of school.  She jumped up and down and repeated over and over that she would have her special 1st day of school.  She was still excited and continued to pick out her outfit.  With a smile on her face she informed us that tomorrow was going to be a practice 1st day of school.  She became even more excited and decided that she would have 4 practice days and on her real 1st day of school it would be perfect.

With the excitement slowly dying down.  The kids quickly snuggled deeply in their beds with dreams of new pencils, pens, and paper all dancing in their heads.  When morning shall arise there will be two boys begging to sleep until mid morning.  Whining and pouting will follow with over stuffed backpacks slung over their shoulders as they head for the car.  One excited little girl will sing as she dresses, enjoy her breakfast, and explain how the 1st day of school shall go.  A quick 1st day of school photo will happen with complaining and reminding that there will only be 2 more 1st day of school photos.  I sweetly smile as there will still be collage.

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