Carbon Paper Cube by DAQRI ....

Carbon Paper Cube by DAQRI ....

The Paper Carbon Cube
DAQRI had their 4D Elements project on Kickstarters.  DAQRI reached their goal to fund their 4D Element cube and now is sharing a paper Carbon 4D cube. You too can try out their Augmented Reality through this paper version of one of their Elements cube.

To interact with Elements 4D Papercraft Edition:

The Paper Cube via
the app

  1. Print out the papercraft template - fold and glue along the lines to create a cube. 
  2. Here's a FULL RESOLUTION PDF you can download. 
  3. Download the free Elements 4D App or Elements 4D Google Play.
  4. Open the app, point the device at the top of the papercraft model, and enjoy!

For more information about their Kickstart project visit their project page.

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