Leadership Day 2013....

Leadership Day 2013....

A leader in any profession is someone who sees the path, walks on the path, and guide others through the path.  In education it is no different.  You don't have to be the techie type of person to lead others in the field of Edtech.  No one is going to expect you to code, program, and build hardware.  The skill you need the most is the skill to adapt. Technology is constantly changing, it is becoming smaller and more mobile and you need to be able to adapt.  You also do not need the newest coolest tech toy out their to function, but if you are reading your emails on a machine that built in 1990 it is time to upgrade.

Leaders in Edtech are people that do great things with the tools they have and advocates to bring in more, to do more, and to include technology as much as possible.  They inspire others as they go through their journey.  They don't just stop with inspiration they go out of their way to help others as much as possible.  They may not know the answer to every tech question but they are not afraid to say "Well lets figure it out together".  They are also not afraid of exploring and sharing what they have discovered.

I think Peter Drucker said it best "Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes."

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