My Global Project for 2013-14....

My Global Project for 2013-14....
There has been a change to the URL!!

After attending a "Follow Me" presentation at Podstock '13, a presentation for a "Global Read Aloud", and hearing the words from yet another presenter "Lets do something Great together", have inspired me to create a "Global Project".  I want to connect my students with other students from around the world. I want to knock down the walls of our school and let my students experience cultures from around the world.

Last year my Social Studies students sent out a plea for postcards. We did end up receiving several postcards from around the world, but most of them came from friends and family of my students.

I thought to myself what can this small Kansas town teacher do as a global project? Then it hit me, a Global Digital Scrapbook. My mind has gone crazy thinking how can I organize this project? I've decided to use Edmodo as the platform to collaborate and Weebly as the house to hold our Global Digital Scrapbook.

Now I need your help.  I need you to spread the word about our "Global Digital Scrapbook".  I would like to have as many people as possible involved in this project, the more the merrier.  I would love to see it grow.  I know with your help this project will be amazing and powerful.

To participate in this project please visit the home page of our "Global Digital Scrapbook" for 2013-14 and fill our the Sign Up form.


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