AR Flashcards Capturing Young Learners ...

AR Flashcards Capturing Young Learners ...

My Favorite Flashcard!
Even though this app is for young learners I had a blast playing around with the flashcards.  The AR Flashcards are an interactive way to learn the alphabet and dinosaurs with the use of Augmented Reality.  You will need print the flashcards and download the app before you can begin.  Once you have the flashcards it is suggested not to laminate them do to the glare making it hard for the app to pick up the trigger to make it interactive.

The creators of AR Flashcards are busy making finishing up the AR Flashcards - Space.  I can't wait to see these flashcards in action.

Some Tips:

  • Print the flashcards from
  • Flashcards cam be displayed on a monitor or mobile device or even through a projector.
  • Avoid dark areas and bad lighting when using the app.
  • Touch the animals to hear the letter and animal name.
  • Make sure the camera is focused.  If not try double tapping your screen to focus.
  • Try using a stand with your iPad, Tablet, or Smartphone.

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