Intro to Layar and Augmented Reality ....

Intro to Layar and Augmented Reality ....

The Layar Creator is a web based application when partnered up with the Layar app for your Smartphone or Tablet will create Augmented Reality.

Steps to get started:

  • Go to and create an account.
  • Verify your e-mail account.
  • Log into your Layar account and go to the Creator.
  • Have your image ready to upload to the Creator.  If it is a drawing scan it and save it as a digital image.
  • Click the button "New Campaign". 
  • Name your Campaign.
  • Click "Create Campaign".
  • Click "Add Page".
  • Upload your digital image.  This becomes your Trigger Image.
  • Once your image is ready start layering your content on top of your image.
  • You can add a slide show, video, audio, websites, and etc....
  • After you have placed your components on your image return back to your list of campaigns.
  • When you are ready click "Publish".  Once it is published your image becomes live.
  • Print your image and test it out with the Layar app.

Below is a video tutorial I made to demonstrate how to create Augmented Reality using the Layar Creator.

If you would like to test this out, download the Layar app and print out this picture or scan it off of your screen.


  • Have a sign or the Layar Symbol next to your Trigger Images so people will know what app to use to scan it.
  • Start off simple.
  • Test your image.

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