My Dream .....

My Dream ....

In high school I dreamed of become an International Business Woman.  I joined the "Young Business Professions of America" and became involved in a work study program.  I learned typing a.k.a keyboarding skills in my business class.  My teacher had us learn how to type on any machine that had a QWERTY keyboard.  The best advice that she every gave me was that I need to learn how to adapt to meet the needs of the people I am either helping or working for.  I was fortunate to be placed in the office of the pharmaceutical company in town for my work study.  During my time there I helped organize international trips for some of the people in the office.  This just made my desire to work overseas grow even more.  My computer skills became very important during this time as well.  A lot of the programs that the company was using was new.  One of their newest software programs that they were trying to learn and use was Outlook.  The birth of email had happened and not to many people knew how it worked.  Before I left the company to attend collage I ended up teaching a lot of the office staff how to use email among other computer programs.  The plant manager at the time along with other office staff kept telling I needed to go into education and teach.  My heart was set on going into business and travel.

My other passion photography was growing a well.  During my high school career I became one of the yearbook staff photographers.  My instructor at the time saw talent in me and kind of hired me out to other schools including a few Community Collages.  I also became an intern to a local professional photographer.  He tight me a lot about compositions, lighting, and some additional tricks with the camera.

My dream once I crossed the ocean was to travel as much as possible, learn as much as possible, and to take as many pictures as I could.

To be continued .....


  1. Love the picture of the Tetons. I was there this time last year (2012)

  2. Thank you. We went there this summer. It was breath taking.


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