Stand UP don't Stand By.....

Stand UP don't Stand By.....

Scan this photo with Layar.

I am currently working on making a video, slideshow, and Augmented Reality campaign for my middle school students.  Step 1 was to have all of the 300+ students at LMS color and personalize shoes.  Using the color page from the colAR app students were instructed to personalize their shoe to help stand up to bullying/cyberbullying.  Next I had the students come see me and get their picture and or video taken with their shoe using the colAR app.  With the app the shoe became 3D and started to dance around.  For this to happen you must use the colAR app.

Now to pull it all together, I am creating a wall in our school that is interactive.  My goal is to remind students that they are Standing Up and not Standing By to bullying/cyberbullying.  I have picked a few shoes that I am adding an Augmented Reality component to.  In order to view a video or a slideshow of all 300+ students and their shoes you will need to scan the shoes with the Layar app.  I will also be adding ways students can stand up and not stand by to bullying.  The goal is to make this wall as interactive as possible and to help students Stand Up and not Stand by.

To view one of the slideshows scan the attached photo with the Layar app.

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