iPadpalooza 2015 Reflection .....

iPadpalooza 2015 Reflection .....

I was ecstatic to return to iPadpalooza this year to share augmented reality and green-screen projects as well as learn from other amazing educators. iPadpalooza is an educational tech conference held in Austin TX. This was their 4th year hosting this event, and for me it just gets better and better.  I've met some really outstanding educators and I am honored to call them friends.  I am always blown away to hear what others are doing in their classrooms and schools.  To see their passion for learning and for kids is contagious.  You can't help but to get excited too.

I really enjoyed learning from Reshan Richards as he shared Explain Everything.  You can tell that Explain Everything is definitely his baby.  He is so passionate about learning you can't help but join in.  Explain Everything is a great tool.  It is one of my go to tools to use in the classroom.  I love how you can create almost anything with it.  Create animations, capture your screen, record, and share are just a few amazing things this app can do.

Richard Wells is another great person to have in your PLN.  His webiste iPad 4 Schools has lots of great resources.  I also loved how just went with it when his mini Keynote slides didn't go just right, and he has a great accent. I also really liked that Adam Jones created podcast to capture his time at iPadpalooza. What a great way to remember what you learned and to share it as well.  I also loved how Miguel Guhlin shared out is his notes from iPadpalooza.  His notes helped me out a lot since I couldn't attend all the sessions I wanted to.

While I was at iPadpalooza I shared Seeing a Different Kind of Reality, where I introduced educators to different augmented reality apps.  On the second day I shared Green-Screen projects, which didn't go according to plan since I was in the library and no real wall to use. On the third day I shared augmented reality again but more on ways to create it.  It was a little difficult since attendees need accounts for the different platforms and everyone has different needs.  Creating Augmented Reality is a passion of mine and I love to share ways others can create too.

If you get a chance to attend iPadpalooza you should.  You will learn a lot and you will make some pretty cool friends along the way.

Until next time...Design, Create, Think, Learn, Connect, & Share!

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