Seeing the Universe via an Augmented Reality ....

Seeing the Universe via an Augmented Reality ....

On Tuesday June 30th, 2015 in the nights sky you might have noticed the double star.  Well it wasn't a double star it was Jupiter and Venus lining up.  To the naked eye it appeared that the two planets lined up perfectly to form a double star.  In reality the two planets were millions of miles apart and their close encounter is called a conjunction.  This conjunction will be one of the brightest stars in the constellation of the Lion, the star Regulus.  Using two different star watching apps I was able to capture this amazing dance in the sky.

I used the Star Walk app which game me information about the two planets. The SkyView app allowed me to overlay the augmented content and see the Lion.  I enjoyed seeing the planets alignment and the visual of the lion.

The view using SkyView app.

The view using the Star Walk app.

Augmented reality brings learning to a whole new level.  There are several different star watching augmented reality apps.  Some do cost such as the Star Walk one while others are free such as the SkyView app.  You can use them interchangeable.

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