Pre-made augmented triggers can take learning deeper. We are going to go a little beyond skimming the surface with some already made augmented triggers. For step 3 of the series we will be looking into how pre-made triggers that are connected to an animated lesson, a 3D model, a video, or a 360° environment can take the learning experience to the next level.

Making an Interactive Notebook, Binder, or Journal:

I know several teachers that like for students to take notes, write in a journal, or keep a running binder of resources. Why not add an enhancement to the student's journal, notebook, or binder and reinforce a concept, topic, or enhance the learning with an augmented trigger. Someone else has already done the work of creating the augmented trigger all you have to do is match it the topic, concept, or lesson. That someone being the team of Aug That. They have tons of animated lessons from 1st grade through 8th grade on both English/Language Arts and Math, which by the way they have aligned to the common core standards. They also have massive library of 3 dimensional objects and 360° environments.

Studying space and different rockets why not put a augmented trigger of the rockets you are studying in your students' notebook. When they scan the trigger the 3 dimensional rocket pops out of their notebook where they can spin it around and zoom in on the rocket for a better look. You can't really get that experience just looking at a picture.

You have a few students having trouble with retailing a story. On their journal page adhere an augmented trigger that is tied an animated lesson that reinforces how to retail a story. A student needing a little help with developing a supporting topic, print out the already made augmented trigger and have the student attach it to his or her notes, journal, or added it to the resource binder. What if a student was gone and missed how you explained how to added and subtract decimals. Stick an augmented trigger on the assignment or, in the notebook, or send home a flashcard with the trigger on it.

Studying different historical sights such as the pyramids in Egypt. Why not have the students add an augmented trigger to their notes. When they scan it a 3D model of the pyramids pops out. Want to take them to see a volcano, summit for a mount range, or an ocean reef? Add an augmented 360° trigger to your students' writing, notes, or resources. When they scan the trigger it will transform your classroom into that environment.

Example of an Interactive Math Notebook:

I've been working on a 7th grade Interactive Math Notebook for a teacher friend. This notebook is basically a spiral notebook kids are writing notes, adding foldables, and other resources that pertain to 7th grade math. The teacher gave me the notes the kids are writing along with foldables she has created. My job was to go through Aug That's library and match up the math concept with the already created augmented triggers such as adding and subtracting decimals, fractions, and etc...

Once I found the augmented trigger that went with a certain math concept I copied and pasted the trigger image on to the foldable. If there was not a foldable just notes I then created a sheet full of that the trigger I wanted to use. The kids then cut and pasted the trigger next to their notes. Below is the link to one of the math foldables I added a pre-made augmented trigger to.

The Challenge:

You will have to contact Aug That's support team for this challenge. Ask them to show you an augmented animated lesson, 3D object and a 360° environment. Let them know what grade level and subjects you are working with. Don't forget to let them know I sent you.

Once you have tried all three different pre-made triggers I want to share your experience. You can choose how you want to share it. For example you could write a blog post, Tweet out your experience, share it with a friend, or even join my Augmented Reality for Education Group and let us know about your experience. Remember when sharing via social media use the hashtag #TechieEdu.


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