Podstock STEAMpunk Edition ........

Podstock STEAMpunk Edition ........

What is Podstock? Podstock is a small edtech conference located in the heart of Kansas.  A bunch of educators get together in the middle of July to connect, learn, and share.

This is one of my favorite conferences to attend and present at.  Everyone is so energized, excited, helpful, and caring.  Every year I walk away with my head spinning with all of the tools, tricks, tips, and ideas.  This year the tradition continues.  There are so many sessions I want to sit and can thanks to some amazing friends sharing via social media using the hashtag #podstock15.

Some Tools So Far:

Lets change how we view hands-on, problem-base, project-base, STEAM, STEM, and lets learn by creating!  Dream, Design, Build...Repeat!

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  1. Sounds great! Will look for the hashtag. NEARPOD is wonderful - I use it almost every day!


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