Science Fair Project by Ethan

Science Fair Project by Ethan 

My son came home from school so excited about the project he wanted to do for the Science Fair.  After hearing a lot of "Please mom the rats won't escape their cages can I please do my project?".  It didn't help that he got everyone in the house behind him and encouraging him to do this project.  What swayed me into agreeing to have four rats in my house for a month was he wanted to make a website for his project.  I guess the boy has my number and I caved in.  

He created his website using the online tool Weebly.  He used an iPad to record his video clips of his tests and with a little help from his techie mom he uploaded  these clips to Schooltube.  Since Schooltube allows you to use an embed code it made it easy for him to embed his video clips to his Science Fair website on Weebly.
He did make the required Science Fair Board and included a QR code on it that is linked to his Science Fair Project.

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