Playing with Glass....

Playing with Glass....

My 6th grade students had a chance to sit down and experiment using Google Glass this week along with some Augmented Reality objects.  I did a little demonstration on how to use Glass and the Augmented Reality objects my students' reactions were priceless. All of them wanted to try it for themselves and several wanted to know how it all worked.

For the Augmented Reality trigger objects we used Daqri's 4D Elements.  I was able to purchase the wooden blocks from their Kickstarter campaign.  Students wore Glass and captured their experience of watching these wooden blocks transform right before their eyes.  They tried to see how many blocks when put together created a new element.
Recorded with Google Glass

My students would really love to see Google Glass and Daqri partner up and be able to see the augmented reality through Glass without the use of the iPad.  After my students explored the 4D Elements cubes I gave them each a printout of one of the blocks. My students were ecstatic and put their block together.


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