Tech Fun with Mrs. Wilson's Classes...

Tech Fun with Mrs. Wilson's Classes...

Technology in the classroom in general is a passion of mine.  I love learning new techie tools and finding ways to use them in the classroom.  Augmented Reality is quickly becoming a huge part of my passion and I love sharing it with others.  I invited some of our younger students in our district to spend some time with my middle school students.  We colored coloring pages from colAR and Chromville.  After the kids had finished coloring their pages my students helped them scan their pages using the apps on their student iPads.  The reactions of the little guys when their coloring pages came to life was priceless.
While the kids were busy coloring I went around with Google Glass and let the little guys try them out.  We did learn that one size does not fit all when it comes to Google Glass.  The pre-schoolers little heads were too small to keep the Glass active.  It didn't matter though, the kids enjoyed posing for a picture modeling the cool glasses.  I did use Glass to capture some images and video clips.  My students tried to also capture video clips using Glass.  We are still learning how to operate them so some of the video clips and pictures didn't turn out like we thought they should.

Daqri's Elements 4D Cubes
I also have Daqri's Elements 4D cubes. When the little guys where done coloring they had a chance to play around with the cubes.  I kept hearing that it was like magic that those wooden blocks just changed changed.

I plan on having more younger students join my middle school students for more tech fun before school is let out for the summer.  My students also had to color the pages just to see what fun things happened when the pages were scanned.  I now keep a 3 ring binder with pocket dividers full of all of the Augmented Reality coloring pages.

Recorded with Google Glass.

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