On the Scene Reporter for Ancient Greece ......

On the Scene Reporter for Ancient Greece ......

My 6th grade students have been busy writing a report for Ancient Greece.  Once they had their report created they got to become a reporter on the scene via an iPad app called Veescope Live.  After my students had recorded their parts with the green-screen app they imported their recordings into the iMovie app.  With a little creativity and a twist of techie magic my students created some pretty neat news reports.

There are many projects students can create with the green-screen app and the iMovie app such as book report, news report, short story, and etc.... When using the green-screen app it is wise to have students pair up to help each other out.  I also suggest that students create themselves cue cards.  That way students are looking toward the iPad when recording.  Students also need to record in a quiet place and they need to speak up when recording.  The microphone is on the iPad and will pick up the sounds nearest to it.  With the Veescoope app students do not necessary need to recored in front of a green-screen or a green wall.  They just need to be in front of a solid color background or wall.

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