Translation Glass Style.....

Translation Glass Style.....

I have been asked several times what is the purpose of using Google Glass in my classroom, if I want to capture evidence of learning why don't I just use my iPad or phone.  My argument is that Google Glass is more than just a camera or video camera, its a tool.  Like any tool it can be misused or even under used.  My goal is to find many different uses for this tool in my classroom or even out of my classroom.

This week I am monitoring the #Edmodo and #Edmodo Support feed in Twitter. As I was keeping an eye on the feed I noticed several people posting in a language other than English.  I thought to myself how in the world am I going to translate these posts quickly.  It dawned on me I should try to see if I used the Word Lens for Glass app.  That app may be able a solution to see quickly what is being asked in the feed.  In a blink of an eye the non English words transformed to English for me.  This was mind blowing for me.  What a powerful tool.  I thought out loud I can definitely use this tool with my non speaking English students.  My mind went into overload as I thought of ways to put this tool in the hands of my ESOL students.  My first thought was if there was something in print that wasn't translated and that student needed some clarification.  By putting on Glass in a second they could see it in their 1st language.  Then flip that idea if there was something they didn't know how to write out in English have them write it in their 1st language and have Glass translate it for you.

You can also use the voice part of Glass and have something translated for you as well.  The Word Lens app for Glass just blew my mind.  I did see it demonstrated at FETC but to actually do it is a totally another thing.

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