App / Tool of the Week ... Edmodo Apps

App / Tool of the Week ... Edmodo Apps

Web tools and apps are amazing but setting up student accounts on the other hand is not.  Edmodo has found a way to incorporate web tool and apps with in the student' learning environment in Emdodo.  The best part is that students do not need to create an account and students do not really leave Edmodo.  The apps launch within Edmodo.  There are many apps for you to choose from. Some apps do cost while others are free to use.  The apps are tagged by category such as Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and etc...

To launch the App Store you need to click on the icon that looks like a store window at the top right hand side of your screen.  Once in the App Store you look around and find the app that will meet your needs or your student's needs.  When you click on a an app you will get information about the app along with a description and even a list of apps that are similar to the one you are currently looking at.  Once you have found the app you want to use it is time to install it.  If it is a free app you simply click on the "Free" button and then check mark the groups you want to use the app with. You can choose to use the app with more than one group you are the owner of.  If the app cost you will have to purchase it and then choose the group or groups you would like the app installed to. The licenses for the apps do last 1 year from the day they are purchased.

Once you have your app or apps installed in the groups you are ready to go.  You can manage your apps by click on the wrench icon.  For example you really like an app and want to add it to another group you would go to the wrench to edit which groups has access to that app.  The 4 square icon launches a window for you to view all of your apps, where you can open them.  You can also add to the right hand side the apps you are using the most for quick launch.  To close the apps all you have to do is click on the X at the top right hand corner.

Students also have the 4 square app launcher.  Students do need to be in your group in their Edmodo account to access the apps you have assigned to them.  If they try to launch an app via their home screen in Edmodo they may not see it.


  • If you would like more information on Edmodo Apps "Click Here" to visit their support page.  
  • I like to give my students a day a play.  I call it sandbox time.  Let them explore the app, see what they can create or do within the app.  Have them show each other what they learned.


  1. Wow! I am in awe. I am trying to figure out edmodo. I usually can do this, and tonight is no exception. I purchased an app, and I am trying to assign it to a group. When I purchased it, I had only one group (my whole class) and I chose that group to use the app. However, I only want a small portion of my class to use this particular app. So I created another group. However, when I tried to assign it to just that particular group, I was told I need to purchase it again. Am I missing something? If so, what and how do I get around it? Thanks!

  2. Just adding a comment so that I can receive an email when someone responds. Thanks again!

  3. So sorry I just saw this comment. Some apps you purchase by group and some are unlimited and can be assigned to multiple groups. They normal say right under the app next to the cost.


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