Glass in Math Class...

Glass in Math Class...

My goal in becoming a Google Glass Explorer was to share this wearable technology with the staff and students in my school.  The 1st few days of bringing Glass into my building was filled with students trying them out and of course the photo op.  The majority of my students really had no idea was Glass was or what it could do.  After a demo or two word quickly spread through the building of the new tech tool and its amazing power.

I noticed that the 7th grade students were busying building scalable buildings in Math Class.  I also noticed that the teacher was having trouble capturing the learning experience.  Thanks to glass the teacher was able to move around the room helping students and capturing the learning experience at the same time without caring a bulky camera, iPad, phone, or any other device that takes pictures.  Glass made it possible for her to use her hands to help students while still capturing the moment
with ease and from the teachers view point.

We are still learning how this wearable technology works and ways to incorporate it into the classroom.  

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