Thunderstix Thunder Run 5K.....

Thunderstix Thunder Run 5K.....

I am not an athlete by any means.  I ran the mile once in high school and I ended up passing out after wards.  This year I have challenge myself to participate in several Fun Runs.  This is a major step for me since I had open heart surgery 2 years ago. Before that I couldn't even walk very far without stopping to catch my breath.  I know I will never come in first place in these Fun Runs but my goal is just to finish.  I participated in my first Fun Run this past October.  Today I participated in my 2nd one.  I made it all the way from start to finish without stopping to catch my breath.  For me that was a major victory.

I noticed along the way that the girls had wrote messages in sidewalk chalk.  These little messages kind of helped me keep going.  I was happy to participate in this fun run, and I can report that I didn't come in last.  Good Luck Thunderstix I hope you have a great softball season.

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