1st Ever Twitter Chat Moderator ....

1st Ever Twitter Chat Moderator  .... 

Tonight I had an experience of a life time.  I was the host of #edmodochat on Twitter.  The topic was Tool, Tips, Apps, OH MY, a little play on the Wizard of Oz (Couldn't help it being a Kansas girl and all).  All week I was one of the moderators for the Twitter feed #edmodo and #edmodosupport, giving help when I could.  Both of these were volunteer and an experience I wanted to have and glad I did and hope I can repeat.

I did have a major glitch on the chat.  I was posting the wrong time, I am so sorry.  I am on spring break with all three of my kids.  My two teenage boys have for the most part left me alone but my 5 year old I am her only audience and her world.  If you have a little one around that age you know what I mean.  I had enter the wrong info in when I was trying to convert the different timezones, next time I will only announce the Eastern Timezone.  As teachers if we do not learn from our mistakes we need to go back to school, you live and learn.  Mistakes=learning.

Thank you Edmodo for this chance to grow.   If you missed the chat I did save it.  If you would like to connect and learn more about Edmodo I would love to help you.  My Twitter id is @katieann_76.


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