GTA 2014 ....

GTA 2014 ....

Today I took a step closer to becoming a Google Certified Trainer.  I submitted my application to be considered to become a Google Certified Teacher and attend the Google Teacher Academy this summer.  Over spring break I passed the tests and became a Google Educator.

Part of the application process is creating a 1 minute video showing how you innovate in the classroom or educational community to generate a positive change.  Using some of my iMovie skills and pictures I had of my students working with a variety of tools I created the following 1 minute video clip.  In the pictures you will see my students seeing a different reality via Augmented Reality, creating Green-Screen projects, and using a variety of Google Tools including Google Draw for illustrating.  My favorite pictures are they ones of students using Google Glass.  That tools has really blown the minds of my students.

I like to think that I inspire others to think outside the box, see a different kind of reality, to look beyond what they know, and to create something original.  I hope this video shows that.  It is really hard to put everything you want to say in only 1 minute.  I wanted to add all the conferences and Edcamps I have attended as well as presented at and the many ways I connect and share Google Apps with educators.  I think I would have needed 5 minutes just for that alone.

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