Exploring Coding.....

Exploring Coding.....

When you mention the words coding and programming most people stand back and say that is too hard or I just don't understand it.  When I mentioned to my students that we are going to work on some problem solving skills and I want to see who can finish all of the maze levels they jump on board. After a day or two of working on the many different levels of the maze I inform my students that they have been coding.  We talk about the if then statements, why they used repeat, and etc...  I then show them where they can see their line of code they have written.  I use the Maze 1 from The Hour of Code with my students.  I also provide them other resources where they can continue learning about coding.

My plan for next year is to go beyond just introducing my students to coding and programming and letting them explore.  I wrote a little grant and have received two items to add to my class which will help me teach kids to code and program.  The Hummingbird Kit with the help of Scratch will turn a inanimate object into a animated object.  The item I will be using with my students is the Finch.  It is a small programmable robot.


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