A New Journey ....

A New Journey ....

Teaching is a passion of mine.  Teaching technology skills to other educators and students is a mission, passion, and a desire of mine.  I was recently asked if I would develop online course to teach a variety of technology or 21 Century Skills to other educators.  Without hesitation I agreed and quickly started building my 1st course.  I am really into creating Green-Screen projects with my students so I couldn't think of a better course to develop first.  Since creating Green-Screen projects can be as basic as possible to as complex as you want it to be I decided to create a handful of course designated to building different skill levels of Green-Screen projects.  The 1st course will give you just the basics.  You will learn how to navigate through the app I use with my students to create these projects.  I will walk you through how to set up the app, add your background images, and finally record.

The next course will go more in-depth with the app.  You will learn how to use more than one background while recording and how to focus for example along with many other options within the app.  The 3rd course will include how to take your recordings and use them with a video editing app.

I am also developing courses to teach kids how to code at all grade levels, along with engaging presentations (not PowerPoints or a slideshow), and how to create a connected paperless classroom.

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