Recap of edcampKS 2014 ....

Recap of edcampKS 2014 ....

Sharing Edmodo
Edcamps are a great way to connect and share with other educators. EdcampKS was a great boost I needed to help me organize my thoughts and prepare for the next school.  I really needed to hear and see how other teachers incorporate coding skills in their classroom or camps.  I also loved learning about new apps and the different ways others use them in their classroom.

I did have the chance to share on some of my favorite topics.  I introduced Edmodo to several teachers, while helping a few learn additional ways to use Edmodo in their classroom and as a delivery system for professional development. I brought several Augmented Reality triggers for teachers to try out along with some tools to create their own Augmented Reality. I think the most fun was sharing the green-screen app Veescope.  The teachers had a blast creating their own green-screen effect video clip.

Since Edmodo is a great tool for the classroom and for professional development I created a group inside Edmodo just for edcampKS.  In this group you will find the apps I shared, along with the printable triggers, and resources.  You can also connect, share, and ask questions within the group.  Having a group in Edmodo is a great way to keep the conversation going.  If you get a chance you should participate in an edcamp near you.  The cost is just right, FREE!

Resources from edcampKS: 
Teaching How to Use Veescope

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