Creating a Global Project....

Creating a Global Project....

In just one click you can travel to Rome, Hong Kong, and see the pyramids in Egypt.  Twenty years ago in
order for you to get a glimpse of these amazing places you had to visit your local library and pray that they had some resources on them. Today all you have to do is hop on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and you can travel the world without leaving your couch or classroom.

In August of 2013 I started working on creating my global project - the "Global Digital Scrapbook".  I have gone to several conference sharing how I created my global project.  I was suppose to be holding a workshop at ISTE this year helping other educators start creating their own global projects.  Due to lack of people signing up for the workshop my session was cancelled.  I would still like to share with you some resources on the topic.

I have created a group in Edmodo on Creating Global Projects.  I encourage you to join the group if you are interested in creating a global project or if you would like to connect with others and participate in their global project.  Once you click the link to join the group I will have to accept you.  In the group you will be able to post your questions, ideas, or ask for help.  I have also created folders with resources and tools I have used in creating my global project.

If you need need or have questions please feel free to connect with me.


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