iPadpalooza 2014 Brain Break ....

iPadpalooza 2014 Brain Break ....

iPadpalooza is a conference for educators located in the beautiful Westlake High School in the greater area of Austin Texas.  I swear the entire Liberty Middle School can fit in one of their wings.  There are educators from all over the world here at iPadpalooza.  I had the privilege of meeting educators from Australia and Canada among the wonderful teachers of Texas.  I had the chance to present Creating Global Connections with a Global Project.  This past year I launched a global project called the Global Digital Scrapbook Project 2013-14.  I shared how I launched my project along with ideas of other global projects.  I did make a Edmodo group and if you would like to receive the resources I've shared along with making connections with educators feel free to join the group.

One of my session I attended while at iPadpalooza was Why Kids need to Code.  It was great to hear about the tools other educators are using to teach kids of all ages to code.  I plan on attending more sessions on this topic while I am at iPadpalooza.


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