Walk Kansas .....

Walk Kansas .....

Photo for Walk Kansas
This year I participated in the Walk Kansas challenge.  I was hoping participating in this challenge would help keep me motivated to walk everyday and to help me prepare for the 5K fun runs.  I also purchased a Fit Bit to keep track of the steps I take along with my activity and sleep.  Having the Fit Bit has helped me see how active I am throughout the day, which has helped me a lot in staying active.  I can also prove to my husband that his snoring is keeping me awake, I can even graph it for him.

A passion of mine is photography.  I use to have my own portrait studio, but closed it to be mom 24/7.  I mainly do photography for myself now.  During the Walk Kansas challenge the organizers had a photo contest, which of course I just had to enter.  They were looking for photos to use on their website and or newsletter to help promote walking.  I submitted a photo I took of my family walking down a trail. My photo was selected, which really made my day.

Walking at least 30 minutes a day helps your body in so many ways.  I encourage you to get and and walk at least that long.  Soon you will start finding yourself walking just a little bit more.  You do not have to walk fast or even jog.  Take your time enjoy the scenery and the fresh air.  Walk with your dog and or family when you can.  To take your walking to the next level enter a 5K fun run, the money goes to a good cause and plus you got up and walked.

The Walk Kansas challenge lasted for 8 weeks, I was averaging 50 miles a week. My team ended walking 527 miles which is all the way from Kansas City,Kansas to Limon Colorado.  Not bad for someone who in the resent past couldn't walk very long without having to stop and catch her breath.

We walked 527 miles, From Kansas City to Limon CO.

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