One Step at a Time ....

One Step at a Time ....

In October of 2013 I challenged myself to participate in a 5k fun run.  I didn't run or even jogged in the 5k I just simply walked.  Since that challenge I have now not only participated in one 5k but in four 5k fun runs.  I stop and think about how I couldn't even walk a block without having to stop and catch my breath and now I am participating in 5k fun runs.  I am not really competing in these 5k runs.  I am just making sure I finish.  I know I will not come in 1st or even in 10th place.  I am normally at the end if not the last one.  Sometimes the finish line has been taken down and the signs are being picked up, but I make it all the way to the end even if the end is walking to my car.  I am doing these challenges for me, and maybe one day I will even jog a little, but for right now I am happy walking one step at a time.

I enjoy putting on my music and walking the path that has been picked out.  My husband has walked with me a few times to keep my company along with my daughter who cheers me on.  The 1st 5k I participated in was a family event and we all walked it together.  My family knows the struggles I have faced and the challenges of just walking I have had to over come.  It means a lot to know that they are in my corner cheering me on.

I encourage you to take the challenge of participating in at least one 5k fun run.  If you can't run or jog just walk.  The money goes to a good cause and you never know you may just enjoy the walk.

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