Take a Stand & Lend a Hand in 4D ......

Take a Stand & Lend a Hand in 4D ......

I am really into bringing learning to life and make connections with people.  This year I am promoting an Anti-Bullying campaign in 4D.  I asked my students and staff to help me by capturing our building taking a stand and lending a hand.  We had a week where everyone participated in spirit days.  On Tuesday "It was NO Sweat to stand up to bullying".  On Wednesday was National Blue Day, students wear blue to support standing up to bullying.  On Thursday we wore our Team colors to show we stand as a team against bullying.  On Friday we wore Red & Black to show we wanted to stop violence. During the week the technology students researched websites that they thought would help bring awareness to bullying and cyberbuylling.

We purchased a banner and asked everyone to sign it.  I used this banner and added an augmented reality twist to it.  When you scan the banner you will have an interactive experience.  I am currently going through all of the content to add to the interactive experience.  The augmented experience is live.  All you have to do is either scan the banner or a picture of the banner.  I will be adding more content to the experience in the next few days.

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