Sketchnotes .... Inspired ....

Sketchnotes .... Inspired ....

I attend tons of educational conferences throughout the year.  Some I am there just as an attendee to learn from others while other conferences I am there as a presenter sharing my EdTech skills and insight.  While I was in the Tampa area last year I met this pretty spunky red head who is very talented in sketchnoting.  If you do not know what sketchnoting is it is a method of making your notes visual and tying emotion to your notes.  Sketchnotes include a mix of images, words, and color. When you refer back to your sketchnote you remember more why you thought that point, fact, and etc.... was so important.  This amazing talented teacher that I met in the Tampa area at ST4T in 2015 inspired me to let go of my standard you write neatly on the line from left to right and to think outside of the box.

If you could take a peek into my mind you would see I truly do not think inside the box.  I have thoughts floating in bubbles, while others bounce off the walls, and still others hiding in the dark.  I think that sketchnoting will be a way to let my thoughts and ideas out.  Keep in mind I am no artist.  I can not draw a straight line even if I had a ruler.  Even though I am not talented in the art, drawing, and doodling world I am going to do my best to get my thoughts out of my head and make them a reality.

Thanks Amber for being an inspiration.

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  1. Please keep sharing your work! So glad you're giving this a try!! This is my preferred way of taking notes, too. :)


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