Bringing Books to Life with Augmented Reality....

Bringing Books to Life with Augmented Reality....

Reading a good book opens the door to children's imagination.  Adding educational augmented content to a book unlocks endless possibilities for learning and understanding.  I was thrilled when Twyla shared her dream of adding augmented content to books to bring learning to life.  Using the AugThat platform together we brought the book "The Napping House" by Audrey Wood and  Don Wood to life.

Some of the lessons for "The Napping House" is geared to the hearing impaired students while others can be enjoyed for all students of all ages.  Our goal was to provide triggers for the book for students to scan and then follow along while reading the book via sign language.  We also wanted to reinforce keywords from the book for students to learn to sign.

To really bring the book to life we included activities that brought the world to kids.  We've included 360º  augmented triggers and augmented 3D objects.  We've included math and science activities that are based from the theme of the book.  My favorite activity for this book just happens to be the augmented 360º of the rainbow.  Some kids may have never seen a rainbow other than a picture. How cool is it that we can transform our classrooms and bring in a rainbow.


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