DIY Ideas for Your Classroom

Do It Yourself Ideas for Your Classroom

I have been surfing Pinterest for DIY ideas I can use in my classroom.  Teachers do a great job sharing their ideas.  I discovered tons of inventive, creative, amazing, and genius ideas I can't wait to try in my classroom.

Some DIY Ideas:
I can't wait to use this in my classroom.

  • Buy $1 tins to hold pencils.  Label one tin "Needs Sharping" and the other "Sharped".
  • Buy $1 tin and label "Please Return Me" and place pencils in it.
  • Find a straw dispenser and turn it into a pencil dispenser.
  • Recycle frosting containers.  Color each one a different color and place that color of colored pencil in the container.
  • Store your bulletin board boarders in recycled frosting containers.  Cut a small section of the boarder and attach it to the outside of the container. (I store all of my boarders this way.)

Dispensing Erasers Gumball Style:

  • Find a Gumball Machine - I bought a Junior Carousel Gumball Machine Bank 12" from Amazon.
  • Fill it with eraser toppers - I found 25 for $0.88 all different colors.
  • Make a sign Pencil Erasers $0.05 each

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  1. I haven't had an issue with erasers sticking. They do sometimes come out two at a time.


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