Make a Dynamic Website for Your Classroom

Make a Dynamic Website for Your Classroom

As I prepare for the new school I decided that my classroom website needed a make-over.  My goal is to make a website that is both informational and interactive.  I want my website to be the 1st place my students to go to for their assignments, discussion topics, resources, and important information.  I want my classroom website to be an extension of my classroom.  I've attended several webinars and looked at several other teacher's websites to help me get some ideas of how to approach rebuilding my site.  There are several places you can go to in order to get a free website for example; Google Sites, Weebly, Webs, and Wix to name a few.  I used Google Sites for my 1st classroom website.  It worked ok, but I needed a change.  For my rebuild I wanted something more dynamic, a site that would grap my student's attention.  I decided to use Weebly because they had an educational side and plus it was free.

Building with Weebly

Weebly was very easy to use.  All you have to do is drag and drop the elements where you want them.  You can even copy and paste your text if you already have it typed up.  To make my site more dynamic I added my Google Calendar, a slideshow, a Voki, and an Interactive Worksheet.  I also added buttons to the sites that we will be using the most.

Resources for building a site with Weebly:
Keep in mind as you look around on my site that I am still building and tweaking it.

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