Shopping the Box Top Way

Shopping the Box Top Way

When I go shopping for my everyday items I try to pick the items that have a Box Top on them.  After learning about eBox Tops I thought I would try to shop online and earn Box Tops that away.  Let me tell you how easy it is to shop online and earn eBox Tops, and guess what there is no cutting out those little squares, or forgetting to in my case.  After I had created my online account for eBox Tops I went to their Market Place.  They have tons of online partners so I picked out two of them and gave it a whirl.  My 1st purchase through the Market Place was with iTunes.  I purchased an ebook that cost me $12 and in return I earned 3.9 box tops or $0.39 for my school.  My next purchase through the Market Place was with Avon.  I purchased some needed items and ended up earning 15 box tops or $1.50 for my school.  So far I have earned for my school $2.97 and I didn't have to clip one box top out, how cool is that.


  • Explore the online partners.
  • Make sure you are logged in to your Box Top account and shop through the Market Place.

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