Interactive Timelines Dipity Style

Interactive Timelines Dipity Style

Since I am going to start teaching 6th grade Social Studies I wanted to have a few interactive timelines.  I attended this webinar that introduced me to Dipity.  Dipity's site makes it simple and easy to make interactive timelines about any subject or topic.  The main reason I picked this tool was that you can add a picture, a video, links, and other information to an event.  I did notice that there are a few bugs in the system.  For example I wanted to make a time line over the Stone Age and the system kept reseting my dates to 1969.  I just made sure I put the date I wanted in the title and had everything in the right order.  I also notice that Dipity didn't really like Google Chrome so you may want to use FireFox.

Some Perks:

  • You can add Youtube video clips
  • You can add Website Links
  • You can add Pictures
  • You can view it as a Timeline, Flipbook, a List, or on a Map
  • You can embed your timeline 
  • You can follow others timelines


  • Before you have your students create a timeline you should play around with it 1st.
  • If you are making a timeline and the dates are BC you should write the date with a minus sign.  For example -500
  • When setting up your timeline make sure you enter the focus date.
  • Enter the date in the title.


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