Where in the World

Where in the World

This school year I am adding 6th Grade Social Studies to the list of subjects I get to teach.  My plan was to have a simple bulletin board and place a few postcards around a map to help teach mapping skills.  Thanks to an amazing PLN and friends my simple bulletin board and lesson has grown.  Before school has even started I have received several post cards which sparked ideas on how I can make connections with these postcards not only to mapping skills but to people, culture, and world history.  My simple bulletin board is now a wall with 3 different map types.  Since I am also a very techie person I now have an interactive map thanks to ZeeMaps that I posted to my classroom website.  As we receive postcards from around the world I will pin the places on both the Where in the World Wall and interactive map.

I even added a QR Code to the wall as a short cut to the interactive map.

Click here to view my interactive map. 

ZeeMaps Tips:

  • Add a Reliable Website
  • Change Pin Colors
  • Add a Picture

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