Who Should I Follow??

Who Should I Follow??

I have been asked several times why do I use Twitter, what purpose does it have.  The answer for me is simple.  Twitter allows me to connect with others who have the same passion as I do for technology and education.  With out a missing of a beat the next question normally follows.  Who do you follow or connect with?  Twitter has opened a door and sometimes it could be a little door with a trickle or a huge gate that just floods you with way too much information so you have to pick and choose.  I tend to follow and interact with people that have the same interest as me.  I am very much interested in Flipped Instruction so I follow people that are currently applying the Flipped Classroom model in their instruction.  My passion lately has been AR (augmented reality) so I have been also following people that are experiencing and using AR.   Depending on your interest and passion you should pick people that spark ideas for you or motivate you in some way.

Hash tags are a good way of finding people with your interest.  For example I am into Flipping my Classroom so I follow the hash tag flipclass (#FlipClass).  If you are at a conference you can also connect with people at the same conference by following their hash tag.  For example I attending Podstock and their hash tag was #podstock13.

Twitter Chats are also a great way of connecting with people.  There are several different educational Twitter chats every week.  To attend a Twitter chat you need to know what time they will be online for the chat and you simply follow the hash tag.  For example #Flipclass meets on Mondays at 8pm Eastern time.


  • Follow people with same interest as you.
  • Don't be afraid to unfollow people if they are not a fit for you.
  • If you are uncomfortable of sharing just follow until you are.  Once you are comfortable your experience with Twitter will be much better and you will get more out of it.
  • Don't just be a taker, try to give every once and a while.
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