My Recap of Podstock 2013....

My Recap of Podstock 2013....

Every time I attend a conference on educations plus technology I get inspired and energized.  I love meeting and connecting with new people that have the same interest and passion as me.

This year I did a poster session for Podstock on how I did Flipped Instruction within my classroom.  As I was thinking how I was going to accomplish this and make my mini session with people rememberable.  I decided to "Flip" my presentation.  I made my presentation interactive with the use of Augmented Reality and kind of let it speak for itself.  On my board were trigger images.  You scanned the different images with the app Layar and either a student created work appeared or a tool and or resource would appear.  One of the resources was a little video I created in front of my Green-Screen on the different tools I used in my classroom.  I also turned around and made my little handout interactive as well.  I explained that just like my board you could scan the images and magically the resources would appear for them including the video I created explaining the tools and the resources I used.

I love to share what I have learned so below are links to the notes I took while at Podstock.

When I learned that there was going to be a Photo Walk my heart sang with joy.  Below is the link to my Podstock 2013 Photo Walk.  I really enjoyed sharing that passion with others and can't wait how they saw and captured our little walk.
I also love to create something to help me remember my time at conferences.  Sometimes it will be a scrapbook page or two, a collage, or even a slide show.  So this year I took my iPhone and captured a few moments while at Podstock and mashed it all up to create this little video.  I had a hard time picking my favorites.
Thanks for the great connections and I hope you keep in touch.  

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