Never Forget.... Oklahoma City Memorial

Never Forget.... Oklahoma City Memorial

Twenty years ago on April 19th at 9:03 a.m. the nation we knew was altered forever.  I was 19 at that time and was attending college while working in a photo studio. When I heard the news I was devastated.  It really hit home since I grew up and was currently living in the community where some of the materials for the bomb were purchased.   

Recently I had the honor of visiting the memorial that is located where the bomb had went off that devastated our nation and brought us together at the same time.  When you stand in the presence of the chairs that represent the lives lost your heart just stops.  Especially when you are near the smaller ones.

A teacher friend of mine was teaching her class about the memorial in Oklahoma City and asked me if there was any way I can do a little magic and create an augmented experience for the memorial.  I found a video created from a drone that gives you a different prospective of the memorial along with a little history. I paired the video up with one of the pictures I had taken while I was visiting the memorial and the teacher added it to her bulletin board.  When the kids scan the image the video will overlay the printed image and play.

How to Activate the Video:

You can find the image in the teacher community (Teach Connect) of Aug That.  My next goal will be to visit the memorial again and create a 360° environment of it. 

Resources for the Oklahoma City Memorial:


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