I've been asked to help others in dipping their toes so to speak into the water and start exploring the possibilities of augmented reality (a.k.a. AR) in education. To help build the support line in learning how to incorporate augmented reality in education I am developing a series of challenges. My goal is to launch each new challenge via my podcast as well as develop an ebook to support the learning process. As each challenge is completed the participants will also be able to earn a badge.

We will start with using pre-made triggers and work our way through the challenges until you and your students are creating one of a kind augmented experiences.


For the 1st challenge we will be dipping our toes into the AR pool and you will need makers, crayons, or colored pencils. Once you have your supplies I want you to take a look at the following picture to the right.
Questions I want you to think about:

What is the name of this character?
Where do you think this character lives?
What kind of job does this character have?
Where do you think this character is going?
Now click on the file below and print it out.

After you have printed out the picture color it. As you are coloring I want to think about a the following:

  • What types of characteristics does your character have?
  • What kind of day is your character having?
  • Is your character going on a journey? Late for work or school?
  • What does your character like to do for fun?
  • What is your character's favorite food, activities, colors, animals, and etc...
  • After you are done coloring your picture it is time to write your character's story. In your story describe where your character is and what your character is doing. Tell us what is your character like? Where your character might be going?

Take a picture of your colored image and added it to your story. I suggest using Google Docs to write your story.
Share your story via social medial using the hashtage #TechieEdu and #AR4Learning.

Download the File

Adding AR to Your Story:

Augmented reality is a tool that can be used to enhance the learning experience. Using this simple augmented coloring page will help take the writing process to the next level and add a spin to your story.

The app you will need to download is Chromville. Chromville is an augmented reality company from Greenland that is bringing characters to life. Once you have the app downloaded you will scan the picture you have colored.

How to Scan:
  • Launch App
  • Tap Play
  • Tap Dana
  • Hold the iPad/Tablet over your colored image
  • When the red rectangle turns green you will get a message not to move.
  • Your augmented experience will then appear.
The augmented trigger I gave you is a labyrinth. You can interact with your character you colored and move your character through the labyrinth. Now that your character has made it through the labyrinth it is time to revise your story. For your revision you will need to add obstacles your character needs to over come.

After you have revised your story it is time to share it. Share your story using social media use the hashtag #TechieEdu and #AR4Learning.

Coloring pages from augmented reality companies can add a new depth to the learning process. They can be used to brainstorm settings, characters, events, obstacles, and etc... They can also be used to help develop the writing process as well as rewriting skills.


  • I like to reveal the app that is needed after students have their rough draft completed and have colored the AR trigger.
  • Mix up the different AR coloring trigger pages, this keep the kids guess which app to they need to use.


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