Opening the World One Device at a Time ....

Opening the World One Device at a Time .... 

Do you want to bring the world to your students?  Engage them beyond a worksheet or a textbook.  Using augmented triggers allows you to do just that.  I don't know about you but I would love to explore the solar system not just read about it.  Why not hold the world in your hands and spin it around, look at it from all sides.  A 2 dimensional image just doesn't give you all of the aspects like a interactive 3 dimensional object.

Learning about the Great Wall of China and want to get a feeling what it is like to stand on the wall and look around?  What about going deep into the ocean and take a look at a reef or soar high above the clouds? Using 360° augmented triggers can transform your classroom into those environments and allow students to experience the environment not just read about them.

Augmented reality brings learning to life.  It opens doors that in the past didn't even exists.  Students experience far away places, travel back in time, or even through space without leaving the classroom thanks to augmented triggers.  Students can even interact with 3 dimensional objects such as the Great Pyramid of Giza or the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  You can even see inside a heart, brain, or even a motor of a race car.

One of my goals is to make learning truly interactive, engaging, as well as exciting for kids. When kids are small they learned best by exploring and discovering.  I want to give back that excitement of discovery by making truly interactive notebooks with augmented triggers.  I've started with 7th grade math, and I plan on creating 3rd grade - 8th grade interactive math notebooks.  Along with science and even STEM/STEAM interactive notebooks with augmented triggers.

I have created a Google+ Community dedicated to Augmented Reality for Education.  Feel free to join the group and share it with other educators.  My goal is to connect educators with the developers and creators so that we can all learn and share with each other.  The community is a place you can go to get help, bounce some ideas off, and to connect with others.

My ultimate goal is to become the go to person in creating augmented reality experiences for education.
When you think of Augmented Reality for Education I want you to think of me.  I also want you to feel that you can reach out and connect with me.  I would love to help you in learning more about augmented reality and how you can use it in your classroom as well create your own augmented experiences.  


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