Bringing Characters to Life via Chromville.....

Bringing Characters to Life via Chromville....

Since Chromville has their #ChromvilleHalloween contest underway I thought I would share one of my lessons I do with my students with Chromville's Custom Character.  I love to use more than one app so with this lesson I've paired it up with AugThat and Pic Collage. 

 I have my students design and decorate Chromville's custom characters and write a story that focuses on the character's talents.  I also have students explore possible environments using AugThat's 360° Environment triggers.  I then have students take pictures of the environment and their character then make a photo collage using Pic Collage to go along with their story.  I do have my students publish their stories as a blog post.

Students love to design their characters and tell stories about them.  Adding the 360° Environment just helps them visualize a possible environment that their character could actually live.  Click here to view my "Bringing Characters to Lifelesson plan.

When you use educational augmented content with your students please fill out this form. I would like to track how many kids are being reached with educational augmented content.

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