Making Compound Words Augmented Game - Set 2

Making Compound Words Augmented Game - Set 2

By request I've added Making Compound Words Augmented Game - Set 2 to my list of augmented tools you can download and use in a center setting.  I am still thinking over adding audio to the "Making Compound Words Augmented Game - Set 1 & 2".  If I do add that component it will auto update for you. When students put the game pieces on the board and scan them an image of the board with the correct answer should appear. Since now I have the compound words pancake and cupcake students I hope will match the correct cake, so now not only is this game creating compound words but as well as developing matching skills.  Students will need to match the correct background of the cakes to their matching compound word partner.  If your students do not have matching skills you may want to keep the two sets separate until they have practiced putting the compound words together.

When using this board and its cards remember to go to the app's settings and enter the code "17472" before you scan, this is very important to make the game work. Just a tip scan the whole board, making sure the entire board appears on your device. You will want to click on the X at the top of your device's screen in between scans. You may even want to shrink the app or even close it between scans. This will help clear out the previous scan, and keep the app from being confused.

When you use educational augmented content with your students please fill out this form. I would like to track how many kids are being reached with educational augmented content.

Lesson plans with Common Core Standards are coming soon...

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