Augmented Volcano for an Interactive Notebook ... #AR4Learning

Augmented Volcano for an Interactive Notebook ... #AR4Learning

Augmented reality in education is a passion of mine. I truly love how augmented reality can bring learning to a whole new level.  What I really love is creating augmented content.  In preparation for this week #AR4Learning Twitter chat on Augmented Interactive Notebooks I designed this interactive volcano.  I first thought this would be a great addition to an interactive science notebook, but it can also be used in an interactive geography notebook.

To access the augmented content you will need to scan with the Blippar app.  Before you scan you will need to enter the code within the app.  Click on the 3 lines at the top of the screen.  Select settings and then enter code.  Then enter the code 23562.  Return to the home screen and then scan the volcano.  A quick video will play 1st.  Click "DONE" at the top of the screen after watching the video.  You will then find a graphic of the inside of a volcano with the parts labeled.  You will also find a 360 view of actual volcano.

Join us on March 24th on Twitter at 8pm Central time as we chat more on how we can use augmented triggers in interactive notebooks.  To join in on the chat follow the hashtag #AR4Learning.

Get the Foldable:


  1. Did you design the augmented part yourself? Is Blippar free? Is it easy to use?

    1. I did design the augmented content myself. Blippar is free and Blippar's Blippbuilder (the platform I used to create the AR content) is free for teachers. Tell them I sent you. ;-) Yes it is easy to use. If you need help just shout!

  2. Will definitely try this! :)


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